Fuel Measurement Burners

Aquametro Oil & Marine AG is the leading supplier for oil and fuel flowmeters, fuel metering solutions, diesel consumption measurement and diesel fuel monitoring solutions for all domestic and industrial burners, boilers and heaters.

Typical applications for these solutions can be found in domestic and resident boilers with lowest flowrate, industrial burners for hot water and steamboilers, as well as boiler for marine vessels. Our meters are also able to measure the flowrate and consumption on burners and equipment, running on biodiesel fuel.

Wether you have a direct fuel system with no return line to the tank, or a classic differential fuel scheme, where a supply line leads to the burner and a return line goes back to the fuel tank, we can provide you the suitable metering solutions to monitor the fuel consumtion in the most accurate way, to improve the fuel consumption, which leads to a significant reduction in fuel needed.

The meters, which are based on the mechanical ring piston system, can be either mount on the suction side of the burner or on the pressure side.