Donsö Shipping Meet

Location: Donsö Gothenburg, Sweden

Facts and figures

Every other year, delegates from all over the world gather on the island of Donsö, eager to discuss shipping and shipping-related topics. A meeting place for the entire maritime cluster, Donsö Shipping Meet is a lively, friendly event that provides a range of opportunities for making new connections. 

Date: 03 (Tue) - 04 (Wed) September 2019
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Location: Gothenburg (Sweden)
Booth Aquametro Oil & Marine AG: C13

Get to know following products

Fuel Performance System FPS 2.0

The Fuel Performance System (FPS 2.0) is an open PLC-web based system to record signals, which are important to enable full transparency of all fuel and performance parameters of ship operation process.

With fuel flow meters CONTOIL® sensors, shaft power meter SPM and additional data from ship automation the fuel consumption and fuel efficiency data can be acquired and stored for further analysis and reporting (CO2 reporting MRV).



Fuel oil meter with mass flow calculation.

Fuel Management is one of the hottest topics since many years. Registration of Fuel Consumption is required for environmental and efficiency purposes. The new CONTOIL® VZF II flow meters with integrated temperature sensor, provides temperature compensated flowrate and calculated MASS-FLOW.


Diesel Switch

Fuel management without compromise.

The Diesel Switch is a fuel management system which helps you to comply with MARPOL regulation. It controls fully automatically the change-over and blending process on board your good vessel and will manage additional processes within your fuel system.
Protect your engine - no human risk!

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