What we do

Innovation has always been of great importance to us. It not only involves the development of new products and technologies, but also the design of new or improved production technologies and production methods. Innovation means that we are always a step ahead of the rest. To achieve this we draw back on years of experience and tradition, which always opens new doors for us.


Since 1928, Aquametro Oil & Marine has been among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of measurement, optimization and monitoring solutions for all kinds of fluids on ships, vehicles and industrial applications.

Our range consists of more than 100 different oil fuel meters and management systems which have been developed specially for ships, transport vehicles and other heavy machinery in the shipping and industrial sector. We are also considered experts in viscosity measurement and control as well as in measurement, monitoring and management systems for fuel performance and fuel blending/ fuel switching units. For the industrial sector we offer flowmeters and dosing units for special fluids.

 Aquametro Oil & Marine operates from its headquarters in Therwil/Switzerland and Rostock/Germany as well as from Singapore for the Asian market. With further subsidiaries in South Korea, Dubai and China and representation offices in India and Japan plus a global service network and numerous sales partners around the world we can offer you seamless, professional and solution-driven support.


technologies and made-to-measure products

To ensure the business success of our customers, we offer top technologies as we are specialists in efficiency, safety and connectivity and set the bar very high in terms of our own services.

Increasing dynamism and challenges in our target markets require a fast pace of innovation and an agile, market and customer-driven approach. Especially in shipping, protection of the environment also plays a key role for us. Based on a principle of “Green Shipping”, we support a range of legal agreements and voluntary initiatives which contribute to reducing emissions. All our activities focus on the customer and the respect for nature and the environment. After all, we want to remain as successful in the future as our products and services are in the market today.

Verification and Calibration

We have the technical capabilities and expertise to calibrate all flow meters from our own product range and from other manufacturers.

This method includes static and dynamic measurement systems.

Comprehensive range of services

Tailor-made and efficient maintenance models that offer you fast and uncomplicated support.

Calibration and re-calibration

We are an authorised and recognised testing laboratory and operate our own calibration center for oil and water quantities accredited at European level in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.

Our test benches

We have the technical capabilities and expertise to calibrate all flowmeters and heat meters, including temperature sensors from our own product range and from other manufacturers. This method includes static and dynamic measurements systems. The Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) has also certified us as SCS 0159 (Swiss Calibration Service). The basis for all our activities is our ISO 9001 quality certificate. We have automatic calibration equipment for flowmeters ranging from 4 mm (DN 4) to 50 mm (DN 50).

Calibration and re-calibration –
the reason for this

Newly calibrated measuring instruments with regular re-calibration strengthen the relationship of trust with the customer and guarantee accurate cost accounting and consumption estimates. All these factors contribute to reducing costs. The recalibration keeps the operating costs of the measuring instruments low and extend the service life of the instruments. A calibration certificate in accordance with EN 17025 certifies national recognition, creates confidence in the internationally recognized test mark and certifies the quality of your measuring instruments and your technical skills. Do you have special requirements or measuring points that you would like to have tested or inspected? Then our expertise and know-how are at your disposal. Take advantage of this offer and request information brochures about our calibration centre or contact us directly.

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