AOM mourns the death of Utkarsh Pundlik

AOM mourns the death of Utkarsh Pundlik

Aquametro Oil & Marine mourns the death of Utkarsh Pundlik

We mourn the death of Mr. Utkarsh Pundlik, the CEO of our sister company INTEGRA Engineering India Limited, who passed away so surprisingly last weekend.

With Utkarsh Pundlik the INTEGRA family lost a very valuable and recognized member. Since 2016 he has advanced and developed INTEGRA Engineering India with exceptional entrepreneurial and leadership skills, to become the successful company it is today.

He was an inspirational Leader, Counsellor, Mentor and Role Model to many of his Junior & Senior Colleagues in the company and industry as a whole.

Aquametro Oil & Marine and especially the colleagues from our office in India would like to express our deepest heartfelt sympathy with his wife and his two children.


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