Commissioning of customized RMS

Commissioning of customized RMS

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Since 2011 Aquametro Oil & Marine has been supporting our Indonesian long-term client, PT. Wintermar Group, a leading player in the offshore support vessel industry. In this recent project Aquametro Oil & Marine was challenged with a tight schedule and managed to complete the project within the given timeframe of delivery in terms of hardware and software.

Across the years, we have installed over 8 shipsets of Aquametro Oil & Marine’s Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) in Wintermar’s fleet. Recently we have been entrusted with an urgent project for this client. Due to contractual requirements, they need to fulfill, a remote fuel consumption monitoring system had to be installed within a short period of time. We are honored to be selected to prepare this customized system in order to fulfill their needs.

Due to time constraints for much necessary installation work, for this project, our client operates with estimated fuel consumption values based on their past successful sea trial reports which are accepted by the charterer. Aquametro Oil & Marine customized the RMS to recalculate the estimated fuel consumption for each of the monitored main engines and auxiliary engines based on the relevant engine signals, reference to the sea trial report given. In the future, the provided system can be upgraded to monitor fuel consumption using actual flow meter values.

This project was divided into 2 phases. In phase 1 the main engine rpm signal tapping and RMS installation had to be prepared. In phase 2 the aux engine power output kw signal conversion was prepared. 

An important point to note is, that the whole RMS commissioning was performed and supported remotely by an AOM engineer. There was no need to fly an AOM engineer over onsite. The travel restrictions due to the pandemic situation could be neglected and the client saved travel costs.

At the end of the project, Aquametro Oil & Marine is thankful and honored to deliver and meet all requirements of our valued client. We definitely look forward to accept and fulfill more challenges from our clients.

More information about our RMS can be found here.

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