Customized Aquametro RMS for Bourbon Offshore

Customized Aquametro RMS for Bourbon Offshore

Fast commissioning of customized Remote Monitoring System for Bourbon Offshore

Aquametro is pleased to announce another successful commissioning of a customized Remote Monitoring System (RMS) onboard Surf Mandiri for our existing customer Bourbon Offshore. As is customary, Aquametro faced a demanding timeline and successfully finished the project within the designated delivery schedule for both hardware and software components. 

After this year’s successful implementation of EFMS onboard Surf Perdana (under BSP contract), we are pleased to have been awarded this new project for multi-purpose offshore vessel Surf Mandiri

In this project, because there was limited time for extensive installations, the customer decided to rely on estimated fuel consumption, which was derived from their previous successful sea trial reports and was approved by the charter. Aquametro customized the RMS to recalculate the projected fuel consumption for monitoring the three Diesel engines, using the engine signals as a reference in comparison to the provided sea trial report. Furthermore, this system can be upgraded in the future to enable monitoring with actual flow meters. 

It's important to highlight that, for this implementation, the entire commissioning of the RMS was executed and assisted by an Aquametro engineer in just one day. 

Upon the project's completion, we are delighted to have successfully delivered and met all the requirements of our valued customer. We look forward to the continuation of this cooperation by equipping further ships of the large Bourbon fleet. 

We eagerly anticipate embracing and addressing more challenges from all our clients in the future. 

Product/service details: 

  • Industrial PC based fuel monitoring and performance system RMS - expandable for all available data points and interfaces 
  • Customized pre-configuration of the real ship operation system on board (engines [ME’s / AE’s], boilers, shaft generators) 
  • Supports multiple engines, bunkers, and engines parameters on board 
  • Web portal for on board / on shore 
  • Real-time monitoring of fuel consumptions and all implemented parameters 
  • Performance charts and reports available 
  • Data storage and data history visualization 
  • Communication mode to on shore server for notification, database as well as report updates 
  • Minimum human intervention required 
  • Fleet monitoring on shore based on available server database and reports (PC or mobile devices) 


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