Customized Aquametro RMS for crew vessel Cast Marine 2

Customized Aquametro RMS for crew vessel Cast Marine 2

Customized Aquametro Remote Monitoring System for crew vessel Cast Marine 2

Aquametro is pleased to announce another successful commissioning of a customized Remote Monitoring System (RMS) onboard Cast Marine 2 for our new Indonesian customer PT Prima Buan Gema Bahari within only two days.

Following a recommendation by one of our long-term partners in Indonesia, we were contacted by PT Prima Buana Gema Bahari. Realizing the ongoing difficulties with their current fuel monitoring system supplier, they decided to switch to the Aquametro system.
In this project, the client works with estimate fuel consumption values based on their most recent sea trial reports, which are accepted by charter. Aquametro customized the RMS to recalculate the estimated fuel consumption for each monitored main engine based on the relevant engine signals, reference to the sea trial reports given. This commissioned system is prepared for a future upgrade that allows consumption monitoring with actual flow meters if required by charterers.

The whole RMS commissioning was performed and supported remotely by an Aquametro engineer within only two working days. No Aquametro engineer had to travel onsite, avoiding travel costs, and thus meant savings for our client.
Apart from individual engine’s estimated fuel consumption, the system is monitoring individual engine’s rpm to capture the high fuel usage period. All monitored readings and events are transferred back to shore. This enables charterers and ship owners to perform detailed data analysis and to better control the engine performance through our web portal and mobile app.

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