Fuel Blending System Promotes CO2 Reduction

Fuel Blending System Promotes CO2 Reduction & Cost Savings

EU ETS in Maritime Sector: Aquametro Fuel Blending System Promotes CO2 Reduction & Cost Savings

To drive emissions reduction and promote sustainability in the maritime sector the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) has been extended to maritime transport emissions.

The use of alternative fuels such as biofuel plays an important role in the reduction of CO2 emissions and saving money in the context of the Emissions Trading System (ETS). Whether as an admixture to fossil fuels or as a pure alternative fuel.

When using fuel mixtures in ship operations, it is important, on the one hand, to supply the combustion engines with a stable and exact fuel mixture, and on the other hand, to consider the thermal conditions and chemical interactions of the fuels used when switching between two different fuels. Fuel blends with a biogenic content are often unstable, which can lead to segregation or settling processes in fuel tanks or the various fuel system components on board. To avoid that the production of an exact and stable fuel blend can be carried out by fuel blending systems during ongoing ship operation. This is where the solutions from Aquametro come into play.

The Aquametro GreenBLEND fuel blending system enables ship operators to reduce cost for EU-ETS allowances when used for blending-in certified Biofuel to fossil fuel. Thanks to an operator defined blending-in ratio of certified Biofuel to fossil fuel the CII-rating can be improved.

The GreenBLEND system allows for automatic fuel change-over or permanently controlled fuel blending of different types of fuels. It can be integrated into an existing fuel system with low technical effort and is fully type-approved by DNV.

Switching between different fuels can often pose challenges in fuel stability. Whether transitioning between fossil fuels or blending in biofuels, Aquametro’s Homogenizer ensures a stable resulting fuel composition, optimizing engine performance and reliability. One of the key benefits of Homogenizer is its ability to reduce fuel droplet size down to 5µm, resulting in a uniform and fine spray pattern during injection. This improvement in combustion leads to reduced emissions and visible soot.

In our first project with Meriaura, Aquametro has delivered its Fuel Blending System GreenBLEND, its Fuel Performance System FPS, including Shaft Power Meter and Coriolis flow meters, as well as a Homogenizer for the cargo vessel M/S Eeva VG. The commissioning was performed by a team of Aquametro engineers at the port of Wismar, Germany.

Meriaura Ltd is a major provider of transport for bulk cargo and demanding project deliveries in Northern Europe, especially in the Baltic Sea and North Sea regions. The company is based in Turku, Finland. An important strategic focus of Meriaura is the reduction of emissions generated by its fleet. To reduce their carbon footprint in maritime operations Meriaura significantly increased the utilization of bio-oil on its vessels.

With our fuel blending system GreenBLEND Meriaura was able to double the share of bio-oil in all used fuel on M/S Eeva. See also page 16 in annual report of Meriaura Group.

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