Measure fuel consumption of alternative marine fuels

Measure fuel consumption of alternative marine fuels

Efficient fuel consumption measurement of alternative marine fuels with AOM’s DOMINO®


More and more shipping companies are now implementing specific projects to drive forward the reduction of emissions in the maritime industry.

The use of alternative fuels plays an important role here, whether as an admixture to fossil fuels or as a pure alternative fuel such as carbon neutral methanol. While shipping companies are starting to convert their fleets to operate on alternative fuels, the corresponding measurement, regulation and control technology must also be able to measure and process these new fuels.
By ordering 8 large ocean-going vessels powered by carbon neutral methanol, the largest container shipping company, A.P. Moller – Maersk, took a big step towards decarbonizing their fleet. The new vessels will be powered by dual-fuel engines from MAN ES that will also be capable of burning bio-methanol as well as e-methanol.

Aquametro Oil & Marine DOMINO® flowmeter
Aquametro Oil & Marine offers a portfolio of flowmeters for a large number of industrial liquids, including Methanol, with its DOMINO® product line, in addition to their world known CONTOIL® fuel meter range. They are available in a broad flow range starting from 20l/h up to a maximum flowrate of 30.000l/h. The Domino meter type, proven since many decades, guarantees highest accuracy at harsh engine room conditions with high vibration.

Besides Methanol, DOMINO® industrial meters are the right choice for all future upcoming alternative marine fuels, such as liquid ammonia and all other kind of biofuels.


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