Green Shipping Solutions by Aquametro Oil

Green Shipping Solutions by Aquametro Oil & Marine

Green Shipping Solutions by Aquametro Oil & Marine to reduce CO2 emissions

The use of alternative fuels plays an important role in the reduction of CO2 emissions caused by the maritime industry. Whether as an admixture to fossil fuels or as a pure alternative fuel such as carbon neutral methanol.

While shipping companies are starting to convert their fleets to operate on alternative fuels, the corresponding measurement, regulation and control technology must also be able to measure and process these new fuels. By using Aquametro Oil & Marine’s “Fit for alternative fuels” solutions, it is already possible today, to add by small efforts sustainable biofuels to the ships which still mainly use conventional fuels such as HFO or MDO, and thus sustainably reduce CO2 emissions in shipping or in industrial applications.

CONTOIL® and DOMINO® flowmeters for use with alternative marine fuels

Aquametro Oil & Marine’s latest addition to our CONTOIL family of flowmeters, CONTOIL® VZFA II is designed for the use with bio fuels. All measuring parts are made from stainless steel with a cast iron housing.
Aquametro Oil & Marine also offers a portfolio of flowmeters for a large number of industrial liquids, including Methanol, with its DOMINO® product line. They are available in a broad flow range. Besides Methanol, DOMINO® industrial meters are the right choice for all future upcoming alternative marine fuels, such as liquid ammonia.
Our flowmeters, proven for many decades, guarantee highest accuracy at harsh engine room conditions with high vibration. Furthermore, CONTOIL® VZFA II and DOMINO® ARD are type approved by DNV.
Learn more about Aquametro Oil & Marine’s CONTOIL® here.
Learn more about Aquametro Oil & Marine’s DOMINO® here.


In case of incompatibilities with blends of Biofuels and other (fossile) fuels, an Aquametro Oil & Marine onboard Fuel Blend System is the solution! While the vessel keeps on sailing, the best “blend percentage“ can be chosen. In case the supplied Biofuel gives too much problems, the percentage can be lowered, or even stopped. The vessel will not be stopped!
The “Diesel Switch” can be integrated into an existing fuel system with quite low technical effort. The “Diesel Switch” of Aquametro Oil & Marine is the only one worldwide that has full Type Approval by DNV.

Learn more about Aquametro Oil & Marine’s DIESEL SWITCH here.


Instability is one of the issues, users of Biofuels regularly experience. Aquametro Oil & Marine  counters this problem with our special designed HOMOGENIZERS. Resulting in smooth running engines, excellent combustion, fuel and pollution savings. Furthermore the Homogenizer reduces sludge caused by fuel incompatibility due to different fuel specifications and comes with DNV Type Approval.

Learn more about Aquametro Oil & Marine’s Homogenizer here.

Enhanced CO2 reporting and emissions control with FPS2.0 and SPM

The IMO and EU MRV regulations require ship owners and operators to monitor, report and verify CO2emission caused by shipping. The Fuel Performance System FPS 2.0 assists you to bundle all required data in a report on a per-voyage basis and guides you to reduce your carbon footprint.
The Shaft Power Meter SPM is the key component for measuring ship performance and fuel/propulsion efficiency. It is easy to install, operates contact free and comes with DNV Type Approval. Identify high fuel usage periods and take according measures (SHaPoLi).

Learn more about Aquametro Oil & Marine’s Fuel Performance System here.

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