Long-term value due to high quality products, services

Long-term value due to high quality products, services & spare parts

Long-term value due to AOM’s high quality products, services and spare parts

Our high quality CONTOIL® and DOMINO® flowmeters are designed for longevity. Along the complete lifecycle of our flowmeters we provide a wide portfolio of spare parts, accessories and excellent customer service.

Long-lasting products are sustainable. Our CONTOIL® and DOMINO® flowmeters are easy to operate and thus, less susceptible to misuse. They also require little maintenance. Minimum failure costs due to simple function monitoring and rapid fault analysis are the result of high quality product design that is built on more than 75 years of experience in flow measurement.

Inquiries from our clients who want to repair or replace devices that have been in use for 20 to 25 years show how durable our oil meters are. Just recently we received an inquiry to replace a CONTOIL® oil meter that we produced and delivered in 1993.

In order to enable our devices to operate reliably for as long as possible, we offer quality-tested spare parts for repairs or the replacement of parts. Due to the well thought-out design of our CONTOIL® and DOMINO® fuel meters these spare parts allow for simple repairs on site.

In our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration laboratory we have the technical capabilities and expertise to calibrate all our flowmeters. With our verification service we check the current status of your flowmeter in terms of accuracy. The recalibration keeps the operating costs of the measuring instruments low and extends the service life of the instruments. A calibration certificate certifies national recognition, creates confidence in the internationally recognized test mark and certifies the quality of your measuring instruments.

Even if on clients’ site or in our test and repair facilities – our dedicated service team supports you at every stage of your flowmeters lifecycle.

More information about our flowmeters and spare parts can be found here.
More information about our calibration and verification services can be found here.

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