Optimize Fuel Efficiency with Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Optimize Fuel Efficiency with Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Optimize Fuel Efficiency with Real-time Fuel Consumption Monitoring

In early October 2021, Aquametro Oil & Marine received an urgent request from our long-term client, ship owner Cao Fei Dian (CFD). CFD was required urgently to implement a more efficient energy conservation/emission reduction solution. An urgent meeting was setup with AOM China team to discuss a potential technical solution and draw up a proposal.

Using the Remote Monitoring System (RMS) of Aquametro Oil & Marine that is currently installed onboard (since April 2020), CFD decided to accept and customize the RMS further in order to meet the following requirement:

Allow the onboard crew live monitoring of Navigation versus Main Engine speed by a single screen at the Bridge.

AOM’s R&D team was able to accept the challenge and support CFD on their request with quick decisions & actions. Within only two weeks (!), AOM R&D developed the software enhancement and were ready for deployment and commissioning.

The concept is to provide a customizable Modbus output from the RMS to an external display module. The installed small display was deployed at the bridge so that fuel consumption deviations compared to benchmark consumption can be alerted to the captain on duty. The customized GUI screen also provides further navigation information for reference. This allows the captain to benefit from real-time monitoring to avoid non-efficient actions such as over speed, resulting in low fuel efficiency. 

At the end of the project, Aquametro Oil & Marine was proud to provide a solution that meets all the requirements of our good customer within a very short period of time. We definitely look forward to accept and tackle more challenges from our customers. AOM is ready to serve for performance!

Clients’ challenges are our challenges!

Product/service details:

  • Industrial PC based fuel monitoring and performance system RMS - expandable for all available data points and interfaces
  • Customized pre-configuration of the real ship operation system on board (engines [ME’s / AE’s], boilers, shaft generators)
  • Supports multiple engines, bunkers and engines parameters on board
  • Web portal for on board / on shore
  • Real-time monitoring of fuel consumptions and all implemented parameters
  • Performance charts and reports available
  • Data storage and data history visualization
  • Communication mode to on shore server for notification, database as well as report updates
  • Minimum human intervention required
  • Fleet monitoring on shore based on available server database and reports (PC or mobile devices)


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