OSM Thome relies on Aquametro solutions

OSM Thome relies on Aquametro solutions

OSM Thome relies on Aquametro solutions for efficient EEXI & CII compliance

Aquametro is proud to announce that it has been contracted to supply fuel performance monitoring systems, flowmeters and shaft power meters for three vessels managed by OSM Thome.

The two bulk carriers Liverpool Strait and Lima Strait as well as the container vessel Tasman Strait will each be equipped with Aquametro’s Fuel Performance System (FPS), CONTOIL® flowmeters, Shaft Power Meter (SPM) and SHaPoLi monitoring systems.

Using sha­ft power measurement & sha­ft power limitation is an easy and cost-effective solution to meet the EEXI requirements. The Shaft Power Meter (SPM) is the key component for measuring ship performance and fuel/propulsion efficiency.
The system is easy to install and requires no el­ectronic parts on the shaft. The system operates absolutely contact-free.
The SPM measures the shaft rpm, shaft torque and shaft power. Based on these values the SHaPoLi Monitoring Display, that is installed on the bridge, monitors the shaft power limit and in case of exceedance gives a visual and an acoustic signal. All data, necessary to comply with Resolution MEPC.335(76), is automatically recorded in a tamper-proof manner.
The Aquametro Oil & Marine Shaft Power Meter and SHaPoLi Monitoring System are Type Approved by DNV.

The CONTOIL® flowmeters are highly accurate and at the same time cost-effective. They can provide fuel oil consumption data in Mass as well as Volume. With minimum moving parts and a compact design, the CONTOIL® flowmeter is more than capable of withstanding the harsh marine environment.

The Fuel Performance System assists you in bundling all measured flowmeter data in a report or graphical form on per-voyage basis. Web-based visualization, trend curves, KPI analysis, fuel consumption monitoring and reporting are some of the key functionalities that we offer with our monitoring system.

OSM Thome
In 2023, OSM Maritime Group and Thome Group merged to form OSM Thome. OSM Thome’s core competency lies in ship management services for all vessel types including tankers, gas carriers, bulk carriers and container vessels. Currently, OSM Thome manages a fleet of about 1000 vessels including tankers, bulk carriers, offshore supply vessels as well as cruise and passenger ships.


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