RMS secures optimized vessel operation for BSP

RMS secures optimized vessel operation for BSP

RMS by Aquametro Oil & Marine secures optimized vessel operation for BSP (Brunei Shell Petroleum)


In collaboration with our Malaysian Partner, MegaJaya Marine Services Sdn. Bhd., Aquametro Oil & Marine finalized the commissioning of its Remote Monitoring System RMS onboard of the next vessel, performing according to the stringent requirements of EFMS (Electronic Fuel Monitor System) of Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) chartering contracts.


We are glad to add the utility workboat QESS USV 1 from Belait Shipping into our project fleet list. AOM - Remote Monitoring System RMS was installed to monitor the fuel consumption of the two main engi­nes and the three aux. engines as well as to monitor the bunker meter onboard.

Apart from individual engine fuel consumption, the system is monitoring individual main engines’ rpm and engine load to capture the high fuel usage period. On top of that, loading and transfer fuel line are monitored by an existing bunker meter. The data from the monitored sensors is transferred back to shore. Onshore Belait Shipping can analyze and control the engines’ performance through AOM’s web portal and mobile app FMCC (Fuel Monitoring Control Center). This allows Belait Shipping to optimize the fuel oil consumption and improve the efficiency of their vessel.

 Product/service details:

  • Industrial PC based fuel monitoring and performance system RMS - expandable for all available data points and interfaces
  • Customized pre-configuration of the real ship operation system on board (engines [ME’s / AE’s], boilers, shaft generators)
  • Supports multiple engines, bunkers, and engines parameters on board
  • Web portal for on board / on shore
  • Real-time monitoring of fuel consumptions and all implemented parameters
  • Performance charts and reports available
  • Data storage and data history visualization
  • Communication mode to on shore server for notification, database as well as report updates
  • Minimum human intervention required
  • Fleet monitoring on shore based on available server database and reports (PC or mobile devices)


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