Working and studying at Aquametro Oil

Working and studying at Aquametro Oil & Marine

Working and studying at Aquametro Oil & Marine


Promoting talents while keeping up with developments in the sciences and technology - for Aquametro Oil & Marine working with students is a win-win situation.

By offering student work placements Aquametro Oil & Marine benefits from new fresh perspectives and latest industry knowledge. Students have the possibility to gain career-related experience and build a professional network. This often results in long-term working relationships. Laurie, Tom and Sandra, three students from the Aquametro Oil & Marine team, share their experiences.


Laurie, 18, is studying trade, economics, marketing, management, law, English, German, financial accounting, human resources and real estate in her bachelor's degree at the "ESC des 3 frontières" high business school in Saint-Louis, France.

Why did you choose to combine study and work?

I decided to combine my studies with a job because that way I can learn better and put what I learn in school into practice. Earning a salary, means I can make myself financially independent for the future.

What do you like about Aquametro Oil & Marine?

What I like about Aquametro Oil & Marine is the area of ​​activity, the working atmosphere and surroundings. In addition, the company's good reputation and the good experiences I made during my summer jobs there made me want to return to the company. Working at Aquametro Oil & Marine also enables me to improve my German and English.


Tom, 28, is doing his Masters in Operation and Management of Maritime Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Technology, Business and Design in Warnemünde, Germany.

How did you join Aquametro Oil & Marine?

During my bachelor's degree studies, I got to know Aquametro Oil & Marine through several visits to their site in Rostock. After graduation, I applied there and was hired as a project engineer in August 2020 with the offer of doing my master's degree while working.

What are your tasks at Aquametro Oil & Marine?

As part of the Technical Support Team I support my colleagues in answering customer requests. I’m also responsible for the mechanical part of our test bench.


Sandra, 33, is studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Stralsund, Germany

Why did you choose to study mechanical engineering?

I have been working at AOM in Rostock since February 2019. Before that I was working in the quality management department of a major industrial corporation in Kiel. When I came to Rostock in 2014, I decided to get the technical college entrance qualification. Since I've always been interested in technical work, I decided to study mechanical engineering.

How do you combine studying, working and family?

I study part-time. Since Aquametro Oil & Marine offers me great flexibility in terms of working hours, I can combine family with part-time studies and work very well.


By offering the possibility to study while working part-time Aquametro Oil & Marine ensures that it is very well positioned for future developments and for further grows.

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