Coriolis Meter AOM-CM

DN 15 - 200

Coriolis mass flow meter

Your benefits

  • Torsion oscillator design assures a stable and drift free measurement with excellent signal to noise ratio 
  • Resilient to external noise and vibration 
  • Insensitive to pipe pressure changes 
  • Robust tube wall thickness provides increased operational safety in abrasive applications 
  • Long life guaranteed due to low mechanical stresses in the sensor mechanism 
  • No moving parts to wear or fail

Areas of application

With highly accurate measurement performance and extreme capabilities, the compact flow meter AOM-CM are a natural choice for many applications. The sensor can be equipped with different flange connections. The AOM-CM can provide online flow and density measurement. AOM-CM is applicable for extremely low flow applications starting at a flow range of few kg/h up to 540 000 kg/h.

Technical Data

  • DN 15 - 200
  • Nominal flow: 300 kg/h up to 540 000 kg/h  (Nominal flow rate related to HFO (14 cSt, 998 kg/m³) / MGO (5 cSt, 830 kg/m³) @ 0.5 bar pressure loss with an accuracy of 0.20 %)
  • Pressure: DN 15 - 80 = 40 bar / DN 150 + 200 = 16 bar
  • Flange DIN / JIS


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