Fuel change over and blending manager

Your benefits

  • Continuous blending possible to manage the complete fuel process
  • Fast and safe fuel switching under normal ship operation conditions
  • High ship availability and safety in maneuvering area’s
  • Complies with MARPOL regulations
  • Easy installation / short downtime
  • Prevent thermal damage on engine

Areas of application

The DIESEL SWITCH is a fuel management system which helps you to comply with MARPOL regulation. It controls fully automatically the changeover and blending process on board your good vessels and will manage additional processes within your fuel system. Protect your engine - no human risk! Save ship operation - change over or blending process in maneuvering area’s.


  • Automatic fuel change-over or blending
  • Simplest and universal design / turn key product
  • Thermal isolated system
  • Optimised control algorithm of fuel temperatures
  • Correct pressure ratio of MDO and HFO
  • Fuel incompatibility check
  • Data storage on SD / MMC card, optional print out
  • Fuel record book (blend or change over)


Technical documentation Certificates