Device for fuel sludge treatment



Your benefits

  • Reduces sludge through waste oil treatment
  • Avoid fuel incompatibility in circulating system
  • Fuel treatment, conditioning and harmonizing
  • Maximizes the amount of burnable fuel
  • Increases fuel quality for optimized combustion
  • Less wear and tear on engine components

Areas of application

The Homogenizer is a dynamic milling machine to be used in the fuel system on board ships. It is designed to improve your fuel quality which will lead to a better combustion and less maintenance. Furthermore it can reduce sludge in case of fuel incompatibility. Increase and it increases the amount of burnable fuel in case of bad fuel quality. The Homogenizer has a high saving potential and is suitable for all type of vessels with 2 and 4-stroke main engine in dual fuel operation (HFO/MDO/new type of fuel oil acc. sulphur cap), e. g. tankers, LNG, container, bulkers, cruise vessels.


  • Continuous homogenizing by shearing of asphaltene clusters
  • Pure mechanical & no chemical treatment
  • Continuous generation of water in fuel emulsion
  • Sludge treatment on board
  • Fuel treatment in fuel circulating systems reduce sludge of fuel

Technical Data

  • Capacity: 3.0 m3/h - 25 m3/h at ~12 - 20 cSt
  • Power Supply: 400/460 V; 50/60 Hz
  • Max. pressure: 16 bar
  • Max. temperature 150 °C
  • Flange (in-/out-let): DN 32 - DN 80 (DIN 2633)


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