Water In Fuel Emulsion Unit (WFE)

Device to reduce NOx and PM emissions


Your benefits

  • Reduce NOx / PM emissions
  • Lower opacity of plume
  • Reduced deposits in combustion chamber and exhaust gas system
  • Economical solution for emissions reduction
  • Modular design on request of application

Areas of application

The Water In Fuel Emulsion is a proven wet NOx / PM reduction method. It creates stable Water-Fuel-Emulsion with HFO and MGO. This will lead to a reduction of NOx / PM formation and will improve the atomization of the fuel. In result: a more complete combustion.

Water in Fuel Emulsion is prepared by a homogenizer. For more information see the homogenizer broschure.

For MDO or gas oil an Emulsifying Agent is needed.


  • Stable Water-Fuel-Emulsion with HFO / MDO
  • Improved combustion process
  • Automatically controlled emulsification
  • Compact and modular design
  • Small footprint
  • Adjustable water amount
  • Combine with scrubber installation (scrubber SOx reduction / WFE – Particle matter (PM) reduction)


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