Type of Application

Our activities and portfolio are divided in four types of application fields: measurement, performance monitoring, special fluids/dosing and treatment.


Aquametro Oil & Marine AG is the leading supplier for oil and fuel flowmeters, fuel metering solutions, diesel consumption measurement and diesel fuel monitoring solutions for all diesel and oil driven engines, genset and boiler.

Performance Monitoring

With our Fuel Performance System, SPM shaft power meter and other data from ship automation, consumption and consumption data can be recorded and stored for further analyses and evaluations (CO2-Reporting MRV).

Management & Treatment

Oil and Heavy oil treatment plays an important role in the all marine and power plant operations. Viscosity and steam heating are crucial parameters to be measured on all fuel oil.

Dosing / Special Fluids

DOMINO flow meters and dosing units guarantee precise metering and dosing of industrial fluids under rough and explosion proof conditions.